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Tradition and Quality

MB Metal 036 based in Kraljevo has been operating successfully for over 50 years. Knowledge, experience and work ethic have been passed down through the generations. Our mission is to respond to customer needs with new knowledge, improved quality of products and services and facilitate the achievement of their goals. Our vision is to be leaders in providing metalworking services. Our goal is to expand and develop our business by meeting the needs of our clients.


We offer a wide range of services, turning, milling, CNC milling, welding, wire products, as well as locksmith services. We are engaged in the production of disinfection tunnels, metal constructions as well as various dedicated machines to order, such as waste baling presses, industrial leather control machines, machines for winding various materials, jumbo bag racks. The products are of high quality that we make according to a sample or according to your design.

The desinfection tunnel

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The desinfection tunnel

The disinfection tunnel serves to disinfect workers and help protect against the COVID-19 virus. The flow of people is from 600 to 800 per hour, while the consumption of disinfectant liquid is from 30 to 50 liters per hour. It is a quick and easy way to protect workers.

Hydraulic press

Hydraulic press is used for baling textile, cardboard, plastic and other types of waste. Pressing power 100t (1000kN). The dimensions of the hydraulic press are not standard, it is made to order.

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Milocaj 107 36000 Kraljevo, Serbia

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Phone number: +381 64 / 362 7305

Email: mbmetal036@gmail.com

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